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Vape = Customer Loyalty + Higher Margins

After talking with hundreds of smoke shops, we found that there is a giant misconception on vapor products. The biggest of which, is that converting smokers to vapors means that they are loosing customers forever. This is simply not true, in fact, studies show that a majority of smokers who switch to vaping, rely on the shop that converted them. Instead of being able to walk into any smoke shop or gas station to buy cigarettes, they are completely reliant on the 1 shop that has what they want/need. On top of all that, most stores only make between a 6% and 8% margin on cigarettes. With the FITT, we are proud to offer you 40% margins from you to your customers and on top of all that, creating a customer loyalty that is almost impossible to achieve with selling cigarettes alone.


Each nicotine liquid pod is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.



Take a look at the below calculator, to see how effective vapor products can be in your store. Feel free to change the numbers to reflect your store.


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